Dalton Metzler Stiffs Copywriter for Script Writing Services

As a common theme among B2B service providers, Dalton Metzler refuses to pay for work ordered from a freelance writer. In November 2015, Dalton contracted with a writer in Houston to create a script for a web commercial.

Who is Dalton Metzler? Click here to find out

Dalton is listed as CEO or principal employee of Luminary Line, High Rise Detailing, HLMaids and other busisness online.


Update December 3, 2015

After texting to inquire about payment on the script, Dalton said, “Move on with your day. It couldn’t of taken you that long to write that script.” What is frustrating is that Dalton would take someone else’s time for Luminary Line and not compensate them for work performed.

Dalton Metzler has also allegedly refused to pay a graphic designer for work performed.

He allegedly has the money. He allegedly gloats about it enough on his Twitter account:


November 18, 2015

When Dalton (who said his name was ‘Austin’ in his Craigslist ad and answered to such in his written communications with me) received a phone call from my secondary number, he answered and then hung up when I asked for him by name. A second call went straight to voicemail. Not surprisingly, Dalton returned a text message after I told him I would be sending him a invoice for hours worked as directed, in addition to providing him with his home address, which is listed as the address for multiple businesses Dalton owns.

As an entrepreneur myself, I was under the impression that Dalton Metzler would honor his commitments. Unfortunately, after several opportunities to pay his invoice for work received as assigned, he has chosen to reneg on that committment.

I would like Dalton Metzler to pay for the work he received, which is customary for workers in the freelance trade.

Dalton Metzler Stiffs Copywriter for Script Writing Services

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