Dalton Metzler Accused of Ripping Off Graphic Designer

The same time Dalton Metzler was ripping off a copywriter in Houston, he was allegedly refusing to pay for the services of a graphic designer.

Who is Dalton Metzler? Click here to find out

Dalton is listed as CEO or principal employee of Luminary Line, High Rise Detailing, HLMaids and other busisness online.

On November 9, 2015, a graphic designer wrote the following on Craigslist:


The post reads:

If you are contacted by this guy at this number 832-948-2411 Warning to all designers and graphic guys do not do any work for this this piece of shit he is a crook if you send him any artwork he will not respond he will take your art and he will use it himself he will not pay you he is a liar he does not work for anyone else either so don’t believe anything he says. His company is called luminary lines. Don’t use him. …you will get screwed….

Same number listed in the copywriter’s Ripoff Report against Dalton Metzler. Same crummy attitude experienced.

But, hey, at least Dalton is grateful for what he’s got:


Dalton Metzler Accused of Ripping Off Graphic Designer

One thought on “Dalton Metzler Accused of Ripping Off Graphic Designer

  1. Dave says:

    Dalton also hired me on a contract basis to complete a marketing strategy for his new venture ‘Backyard Customs’.

    I received non-stop communication the whole time until I handed over the work – all communication stopped and I never received payment for the work I had completed. I originally was hired from freelancer.com and when trying to phone Dalton it appeared his phone had been disconnected.

    On further research of his name I discovered he’s been scamming people non-stop. There’s literally dozens of cases out there! He’s ripped of marketers, graphic designers, web designers, video specialists and even his own clients!

    He needs to be stopped.


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